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Weekend recap.

Weekend recap.
June 4, 2012 Mary Jo

A quick hello and smattering of neat things before I head out to the trenches…of the gardens.  Must. Get. Garden. In. Today.  (or die trying)

+ We sheared 5 of our sheep this past weekend.  Whew.  It was an EVENT.  More on that later this week.

+ A WHOLE PAGE of the new website has been created!  This means that I’ve ironed out the details of the overall design and concept.  Or so it would seem, but expect some changes as the rest of it is born.  Check it out here:  This is a mere sneak peek – I will follow with many more details when the whole site is live and ready for your visiting.

+ The Great Chicken Event, in which Andrew and I transition 150 plump delicious chickens from pasture to freezer, happens this weekend.  If you are local and want some delicious pastured chicken, hop over to that same fancy webpage and fill out the email form.  Thanks for your support!

Now I’m off with a bottle in hand.  Munson’s hungry.


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