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Unplanned Pregnancy

Unplanned Pregnancy
June 19, 2012 Mary Jo

Bet that got your attention.  To be clear, the pregnancy is not mine, thank goodness, but Garnet’s.  Seems she’s quite the Fertile Myrtle.  My highly-advanced shepherdess ciphering indicates she conceived these little sweeties just a month after her ram lamb was born.  Wowee.  She’s due for a nice, long, breeding-free vacation.  But neither she nor we would wish away these delightful twin lambs.  Sophia is the freckle-nosed ewe; her brother Shall Not Be Named.

I was utterly and blissfully unaware that Garnet was laboring.  I had suspected she was near her due date, but was currently being steamrolled by a combination Chicken Butchering / Death in the Family punch in the face.  Had I known she was in labor and felt the slightest inclination to drop everything and help her…I’d be writing this post from the padded confines of the Deep End, where I surely would have plummeted.  That said, once the lambs were discovered (Isadora: Mom! You’re never going to believe this, but Garnet has had twins!) little Sophia seemed a bit lethargic.  I couldn’t quite tell if she was eating well enough.  Then I realized she was too weak to stand and I kicked into Sheep Midwife gear and gave her some warmed colostrum from the freezer via a rubber tube that I carefully guided down her throat.  Then I worried. A lot.

But she bounced back, quite literally, and has stolen our hearts.

OH! I just remembered that I promised you a recap of shearing.  I think that should be possible before the week is through.

fighting over the one teat that’s exposed

With Munson, for reference.


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