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The Grace of Tea

The Grace of Tea
September 12, 2012 Mary Jo

Lots of folks have asked how Isadora has been doing with the transition to homeschool – has she shown any regrets or signs of missing her public school?  No.  Thankfully, no.  I suspect our Tea Time may have something to do with it.

It’s an idea I believe I got from Rachel at Clean, a simple one with profound impact.  Isadora and I now have a standing date for tea when Errol goes down for a nap.  It’s an oasis of one-on-one time that would otherwise get swept up in the day. It’s a time to check in with her, hear what’s on her mind, read some books together.  Yesterday we steeped ourselves in the lore of Pocahontas, while rocking on the front porch.

The ritual of tea is woven into the fabric of many cultures.  We’ve made ours special with dedicated tea cups and saucers.  Isadora insists on taking hers with sugar and cream; the lack of a creamer to pour from was only a temporary setback, remedied when she found a small pitcher in a family stash.

I never know how a new idea will take hold around here – some are fleeting, some become etched in habit.  This new culture of tea time is among the latter.  Donning your finest jewelry, a touch of lip gloss, and a curious British accent is not necessarily required but we strongly encourage it.


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