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There is a big project on the horizon.

There is a big project on the horizon.
September 14, 2012 Mary Jo

I can’t wait to tell you all about this project – from its crazy inception (over a particularly strong cup of coffee) to how the design features seemed to evolve organically, on their own.

I will report on the process of making a muslin – how useful a tool it was and how it came together surprisingly quick, without seeming to waste any extra time.  (which is one of the biggest barriers to making one, isn’t it?  It takes long enough to sew one thing, much less the same thing twice)

But I’m in the thick of it now, immersed in the delicious process of bringing a vision to fruition.  It’s a grand, multi-layered (multi-media!) vision encompassing a lot more than the fabrics and fibers shown above, so exciting that I’m near bursting. Just wait till you see…

The year 1895 beckons.  See you on the flipside.

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