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Introducing: This is wool. First Harvest: Backyard

Introducing: This is wool. First Harvest: Backyard
October 5, 2012 Mary Jo

With no further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the long-awaited first harvest of Five Green Acres wool. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Being the first harvest, it’s also the official launch of the Five Green Acres line of yarn, known henceforth as This is wool.  You’ll find this first vintage of yarn, noted for its playful handspun vitality, by the name First Harvest: Backyard.

What can I tell you about First Harvest? So much:  It bears the mark of my own hands from nearly every step in the production process.  I’ve born this yarn from pasture to skein; I’ve lived each transformation of the fiber.  Five sheep contributed their soft, springy wool to this yarn.  Plants were grown or collected from within my community to lend their sublime pigments to the fiber.  The rainbow drip-dried on my clothesline.  And then the wheel, countless revolutions uniting the fibers.

Best to show you.

Every single glorious fiber will pass through my fingertips as the whir of my spinning wheel twists the wool into yarn, yarn for you.  The hearth will flicker and glow as I sit spinning before it, infusing the twisted strands with good intentions while I work.

On 10.12.12 the wool will be set free.  You’ll find it here and then, finally, you’ll be able to order your very own.  One week from now – not so very long in the grand scheme, is it?  Which shall I spin up for you? Be swift and decisive when ordering – there are only 70 skeins yielded from this harvest.  It’s roughly enough to clothe 5 gregarious sheep for the winter.

Until Friday,

Mary Jo, Artisan and Shepherdess


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