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Spin, Spun

Spin, Spun
December 3, 2012 Mary Jo

Were there a motor attached to my spinning wheel, it surely would have burnt up by now.  That thing’s been a-flying.

I am one skein from being entirely caught up.  Wow.  The response by you all has been tremendous and heartfelt and very gratifying.  I’m so pleased that I have been able to articulate just how special this harvest of wool is, and so pleased that over half of my skeins have fledged, out the door and into your hands to become something magnificent.  When I think of all of the necks and hands and wrists that will be swathed in woolen love, it makes me swoon a bit.  Gosh, that’s good stuff.

++  Some lesser-known facts about First Harvest  ++

+ Each skein takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours to spin and ply (twist the two strands together)

+ This is roughly equivalent to two episodes of McLeod’s Daughters, the Australian drama from 2001-2009 that features strong female characters running a ranch (with sheep) in Australia.

+ Nearly each skein was spun with McLeod’s Daughters playing in the periphery, so if you find your speech taking on a curious Australian twang while wearing or working with this wool…you’re welcome.  I haven’t experienced a noticeable change in speech myself, but I have become acutely aware that I lack proper farm girl attire and have flooded my Christmas wish list with appropriate, McLeod-style gear.

+ As of this very moment, (subject to change) only 30 skeins remain in stock: Tomato + 3, Sugar Maple + 4, Goldenrod + 7, Conifer + 4, Portobello + 6, and Honeybee + 6.

+ I’ve begun a Pinterest board with (mostly knitting) project ideas that use only 1 skein. Generally speaking, knitting uses less yarn than crocheting, so they’re easier to find.  Have a pattern that I should add to the board? Let me know!

+ I’m working on a few patterns of my own that utilize only one skein. Stay tuned!

+ First Harvest has hit Ravelry!

+ Spinning has become a rhythmic part of our daily life.  Both I and my wheel stand at the ready for the second wave of First Harvest orders. Order by December 18th to get it by Christmas.


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