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Postcards from Silverland

Postcards from Silverland
December 19, 2012 Mary Jo

Winter’s Eve casts the most lovely of all seasonal light, I think.  The familiar, once painted with freshfallen snow, becomes daguerreotype snapshots of this place from another time.

I spent the early part of this morning completely sidetracked on a search for Grandma Moses-like barkcloth panels, an intense wanting sparked (I sheepishly admit) by Alicia’s pillow.  I had a strange jarring sensation when I closed the window of my search and opened up the photos I took in yesterday’s last light.  No wonder the soft blue-greys of the vintage panels spoke so urgently to me this morning; they are winter-turned-fabric with a heaping dose of nostalgia.

In other news:  Results are in from the hack beeswax candle lab.  I’ve added details to yesterday’s post with clearly marked + Update + headings if you are dying to know how the experiments fared.

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