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Monogamy wins out.

Monogamy wins out.
January 23, 2013 Mary Jo



There are so many titles I could give to this post:  Knots with sticks and string.  Things I’d like to wear before Winter’s end.  Woolen gluttony.  That point in Winter where I hit my knitting stride and crank out projects which have languished on the needles for more than 1 or 2 years.


Instead, I’ll stick with the theme of Monogamy, as it appears to be the only way out of this mess.  One project at a time.  I’ve been shamelessly promiscuous with wool. The status quo has been to cast on projects with abandon, knit on them until something shinier comes along (it always does) and then toss them to the wayside, tucked in a pretty bag or basket until I make my way to them again, sometimes years later.  It’s usually a deadline of some kind which brings me back ’round to something.


More than a specific deadline, however, Wisdom has kicked in this year.  As in: I am very nearly letting another cold season slip by without being able to wear this vest which will no doubt be my very favorite once it’s completed. Also Curiosity:  I wonder how long it would actually take me to knit a (insert woolen here) from start to finish without taking a year sabbatical.


Also Shame: Heather will never let me live it down if I don’t finish those damn stockings.  I’ll show her. (I will too!  I hope.)


And even a bit of Maternal Duty:  the Boy’s Tomten sweater is so far knit up in a rough size 2, and he’s 3 1/2.  I think we can get some solid wearing time out of it still, but not if I tarry another year.

So I’m off, to throw my ass into a whole string of knitting projects, but to do so one at a time.  With a -25 degree wind chill at my back, I’ve no lack of motivation.

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