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The slippers were long overdue.

The slippers were long overdue.
February 11, 2013 Mary Jo


Using the Felt Slippers pattern on the Martha Stewart Living website, I paid a debt long overdue.


How can these girl-toes I jokingly munched on not so long ago have grown to such size, past even the confines of last year’s slippers?  I asked myself this in November, I reckon, and then fell into the belly of a giant whale, emerging only last Friday with a pair of slippers sewn from a mistakenly-felted wool/angora sweater and scraps of leather.


Because my sewing machine has taken an ornery streak and bars such thick riff-raff from passing under foot, I stitched the pieces together by hand with some fine linen yarn in a modified blanket stitch.  (A good use for the cone of white linen yarn I had bought years ago when I thought it a good plan to whip out a pile of grocery bags, no?  Note to my future self: run away from ideas that contain both “whip out” and “pile.”)

I hope some essence of home is stitched tight in there as well, some remembrance of needle + thread, rocking before the fire, a visit from Grandma.

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