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Egg Dyeing in Progress

Egg Dyeing in Progress
March 6, 2013 Mary Jo



A friend came by a few days ago to instruct us on the ancient art of psanky, or Ukranian Egg Dyeing.  In just a couple of hours, we covered the basics and got down to designing our own eggs.


Psanky is basically egg batik.  Beeswax is used as a resist, applied in a fine line with a kistka, the reservoir tool that is heated by candle flame.  Dunking the eggs in a progression of dyes, working from light to dark, in conjunction with how the wax is applied, determines the design of the egg.  Herein lies the art.


We’ve only just begun to decorate our eggs, but are delighted to learn that it’s a project that one can easily set aside for a day or two (or more) and come back to with little effort to continue where you left off.


So inspired by the Horn Blowing Rooster motif featured in The Egg Tree by Katherine Milhous, I decided to forgo any practical advice to start simply, and let ‘er snap on my very first egg.  I’ve only applied two colors so far, and haven’t removed the wax, but the preliminary returns are encouraging.  I may decide to only make horn-blowing roosters and call it good.  We’ll see what time will permit before Spring’s To-Do list hits with full force.

I do promise to update you all when we have some finished eggs to display, so hang tight.

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