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Turning the corner

Turning the corner
March 18, 2013 Mary Jo


My basement is still piled with bags of wool waiting to be washed and dried before the hearth, I’ve not yet finished any of the winter-wear woolens on my knitting needles, but the supply of firewood outside is dwindling, a signal which has aided me in making the mental leap from wanting more winter time to complete these tasks to planning with glee the inevitable arrival of spring.  Spring!  It surely is just around the corner; the shower of snow falling this very moment is but a red herring.

To this end, I am…

+ starting seeds.  I only just last week ordered the new additions for this year, after going through the growing collection of seeds saved from previous years

+ reading this fantastically-inspiring book: The Small-Scale Poultry Flock by Harvey Ussery.  Fair warning:  a very, very dangerous book to read in conjunction with ample caffeine, unless grand plan-making is precisely what you’re after

+ coveting giant piles of wood mulch, imagining my chickens working it into compost (see above item)

+ awaiting the arrival (maybe today!) of my fancy chicken hatching eggs (should one put all their fancy eggs in one rookie-operated incubator basket?)

+ planning for a pair of PIGS to arrive this spring, hopefully in time to till up a garden or two

+ working out the details for this year’s batch of broiler chickens raised on pasture.  I will be compiling the details over the next few weeks for our local customers – should you like to find yourself among them, sign up for email updates.

+ learning about the hows and whys of frost seeding, thinking it might be a great way to refresh my tired old pasture and inject it with some clover power

+ planning a sewing project to aid in the fruition of all of these visions: bib overalls for this farmer (to add to my collection of store-bought bibs) Did you know I have a sewing machine??!!?  I barely remember it myself, so neglected it is.

I’m sure there’s more – this brain is a-swirl with grand visions for the coming season.  How about you?  Are you trying something new this growing season?  Do tell!

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