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This might be my favorite sweater of all.

This might be my favorite sweater of all.
April 1, 2013 Mary Jo




Oh, I’m so excited to show you my newest sweater!  Such a labor of love it was, from start to finish. What a joy!  I had been waiting to knit this up for a long time – a few weeks ago I mustered the courage to begin.  For the yarn, I sought out the fattest wool I could find. I would have liked a color with more personality than this pale shade, but it turned out I had few choices at this gauge.  For the pattern,  I searched and searched for a design with enough bobbles (those pod-things that make this a killer sweater) to satisfy my intense desire for a truly 3D, almost sculptural garment.  What I found was only mildly satisfying, so I doubled the amount of bobbles called out in the pattern (25) then multiplied by pi (157).  Not hardly enough, I muttered.  So then I measured the circumference of my fattest pregnant ewe’s belly (109 inches!) and added this to the tally: 266 bobbles.  Perfect. For this pattern, a bobble every 10 stitches got me the 266 I was after. Easy.

Then I knit. Bobble after bobble, with beads of euphoria-induced perspiration running down my upper lip.  Fat yarn + the perfectly-proportioned, brilliantly-engineered bobble = sweet, fat, protruding bobbles at every turn.  Just delicious, I shrieked as the sweater was coming to life before my eyes.  I couldn’t wait to wear it.  In public.

The last step was to disassemble a gossamer bow from a dried flower wreath I had made in 1991, so that I could weave it through the sweater’s perimeter, giving it strength and even more style.

And then I wore it.  In public.  You should have seen the way the bobbles just came to life as I filled the sleeves with my eager arms.  I nearly cried with joy.  And someone liked it so much, they wrote me a check for $250 on the spot.


April Fools!

Mwaaaaaaah haaaaaaa haaaa!

The facts: found the sweater in a thrift store.  It is handknit.  The sleeves are crazy-long. I do actually love the color and the gauge of the yarn; it seems to be of high quality.  I plan on frogging (unraveling) it and knitting up something with less……………protrusions. I will not salvage the ribbon.  But the abalone button is nice.  Make that zero protrusions.  Someone did actually write me a check on the spot, but it was not because of the sweater.  It was because I had the winning raffle ticket. (though, with this sweater in my possession, I had already won, right?)

Happy April 1st.

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