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Pip pip!

Pip pip!
April 10, 2013 Mary Jo


Last night at 10pm we noticed the first pips of two chicks breaking through their eggs.  We could also hear cheeping sounds coming from inside.  Can you imagine what I dreamed about all last night?


The real event happened around 8:30am today.




This birthday boy is happy to share his day with newly-hatched chicks.  Yessir, he’s quite pleased with the birthday excitement all around.



This first chick is getting fluffier by the hour as it dries off in the warmth of the incubator.  The other chick is still working diligently inside.  We’re able to see a beak working in there, but it’s hard work and requires a lot of breaks for the little one.  My two sentries are perched above the incubator and promise to let me know as soon as the second emerges.

These two eggs are Americana eggs pulled from my own coop and the only eggs I’ve seen any action with so far.  None of the fancy eggs I ordered from the hatchery have made a peep. (that I can hear)  Now I’m reading that a 40%-50% hatch rate for shipped eggs is constitutes a successful hatch, given all the jostling the eggs go through.  That’s something of a buzz-kill for this girl who’s been eagerly awaiting some Lavender Orpingtons and some Blue Copper Marans to add to her flock.  The turkey eggs aren’t due to hatch for another week, and those came locally, so here’s hoping.  Quite exciting, this incubating, even with mixed results.

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