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New normal

New normal
April 17, 2013 Mary Jo


Last week I elected to have my eyeballs lasered to correct the nearsightedness that has been a part of my life since third grade. My glasses sit on my nightstand now, unused since Thursday, rendered obsolete. It is thrilling to be without them, even while my vision is stabilizing. The recovery period for the procedure I had (PRK) is more lengthy than straight Lasik, and as such I’m not yet able to resume many of the things that normally define my day – work on the computer, reading, knitting, sewing, seeing with any clarity at all. This is why you’ve not yet seen photos of the newly-hatched chicks (there are 7 of them!) or heard hide nor hair of me since last week. This is why there may be an embarrassing typo here or there in the next couple of days.

There’s a certain wonderful grace in all of this though, a shove out of my comfort zone. I can’t read anything in the stack of library books, can’t sew a lick, can’t resume my knitting, and most importantly, can’t remain tethered to my computer all day. (so I can’t, sadly, do wishful-thinking-livestock searches on Craigslist) I can, however, finally take the time to catch up on laundry, do some cooking or baking (though there was an incident earlier of mistaking a bag of russet potatoes for brown sugar) listen attentively while Isadora reads to me. I managed to finally start my seeds, though I’m only moderately confident that they were distributed evenly. Each day brings with it slightly greater clarity but at a greatly reduced pace; those things I can still do whilst healing I must do slowly, to keep from out-punting my coverage. But the minutes formerly sucked up by the computer are staggering, and time seems a commodity I’m wealthy in right now.

So I will be brief over the next couple of days/weeks. I’ve still got plenty to say and share but will focus on doing so with minimal screen time. This will be a stretch, but a healthy one, I suspect.

I did manage to squeeze out a flurry of posts for my month of guest editing at WhipUp. This week’s Functional Creativity focus is Clothe. (just in time to get you pumped up for KCW!) Why not head over to check it out?

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