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Spring Sprung, Exhibit B

Spring Sprung, Exhibit B
May 8, 2013 Mary Jo




With the help of my two Trusty Transplanters, we began filling the greenhouse shelves with the sprouts that had outgrown their humble beginning under my bathroom lights.  I may have jumped the gun on moving the teeny-tiny tomato starts – I think many of them were not quite strong enough to weather the shock of transplanting – they now lay limp and forlorn.  But at this time of year, the urgency of every item on the To-Do list seems to flash by like a comet.  Best to grab it by the tail as it races by or you’ll spend a lot of time chasing after it.

And a cold frame!  Finally!  I have been meaning to get one going for ages now.  The hunger for fresh greens propelled me out to the garage one day with a Cold-Frame-Or-Bust attitude.  I was fiercely determined not to bust.  It took most of the day to corral the random pieces of barn wood and discarded windows, to fire up the power tools.  The resulting frame is not a marvel of carpentry….or even very well made, but hot damn – those are lettuce sprouts in there!  Success!

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