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Chicken Squared

Chicken Squared
May 31, 2013 Mary Jo


Two important Chicken Announcements:

1. Cost for the Chicken Butchering Workshop has been reduced to $175 for anyone who registers before June 8th.  Yahoo! Also, a couple of folks have asked if we’ll be offering the class again at a later date.  We sure aim to, but not until next summer – we don’t plan to raise more chickens this season and they’re required for the class.  Asyoucanimagine.

2.  This Sunday is the Broiler Chicken Potluck Pickup, starting at 4pm.  Boy, did that arrive quickly!  There’s still time to order your birds or cuts and snag the pre-order discount.  I’ve decided to try my hand at making Jerk style pulled chicken sandwiches for the potluck.  In a crockpot, of course, because I’ve little time for fussing over a stove this weekend.   Plan to pick up your chicken and join us – it will be delicious!  (bring chairs, a dish to pass, a cooler for your chicken)

OH!  That reminds me to mention (I don’t think I have yet) that I’ve created a Dinner of Chicken board on Pinterest with tempting chicken-y recipes I’ve come across.  I’ve not tried them all, so let me know if you find a favorite among them.  We’re always scratching our heads in a confused way when it’s time to plan supper.


my copy of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights by David Gumpert, signed by both author and Joel Salatin

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