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The arrival of the placenta marked the end of the 2013 lambing season.

The arrival of the placenta marked the end of the 2013 lambing season.
June 19, 2013 Mary Jo

The Five Green Acres lamb roster is set for the year, after the mid-day arrival of a perfect ewe lamb to Camille.  I waited with much excitement to see if another lamb was to emerge from within, because you never really know how many are in there.  The arrival of the placenta, however, usually means that the ewe’s cleared everyone out.  Such was the case yesterday afternoon, marking the conclusion of our lambing season.  Let me properly introduce you to them all.


Lena. (short for Angelina) Born to Agnes.  R.I.P. ram lamb twin.  Lena has the softest, whitest wool we’ve ever seen on a lamb.


Twin Ram Lamb 1. Born to Clarisse.  In the past, we’ve elected not to name the animals earmarked for the freezer.  “But then we don’t know who to be thankful for when we say our dinner blessing,” said Isadora yesterday in a moment of pure brilliance.  So. Point taken.  Perhaps this guy will get a moniker soon.


Which would hold true for this guy also, Twin Ram Lamb 2, born to Clarisse.  He enjoys hangin’ with the Turks and fancy chickens in the shelter that was intended for them but has been hijacked by any of the sheep that can fit inside.  (Munson was in there the other day, having worked open the latch door.)



And this brings me to the ones you haven’t yet met!  This guy is a sweet ram lamb born to Clementine on Monday afternoon.  He has a remarkable black spot!  What a guy! I’ve never seen a single wooly spot in my flock until now, so the arrival of this guy merits a lot of exclamation points! Surely he’ll get a proper name soon.


And marking the end of the season with her arrival yesterday is Imogene, daughter of Camille.  A healthy young girl, she took right to nursing.  Lovely Imogene.

It’s a pretty fantastic roster this year.

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