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A boy and his tractor

A boy and his tractor
July 1, 2013 Mary Jo

photo by Isadora

The search for the perfect tractor is not one to undertake lightly.  It might take months to locate the elusive combination of power, features, price and patina, so you should prepare yourself, if you’re also in the market for one, for a ritual searching of Craigslist every night of the foreseeable future.  If you attend to this search with much diligence, you can expect to hit the jackpot one day and find the machine that is the perfect match for your farm.  When this day finally comes, be prepared for a rush of free time in the evenings, during that time formerly consumed by your arduous search.  If that glut of new-found free time also coincides with the cyclical lengthening of days, you might find it time well suited to bond with your new tractor, to learn how to coordinate your intentions with the mechanical means to carry them out.  You’d be surprised by the volume of tasks that can be done with your new tractor.  Not have to be done with the tractor, but can be done with the tractor. Here again, your diligence will be rewarded.  Slowly, the gap between you and your tractor will narrow until it is nearly imperceptible, until the front bucket becomes like another appendage, until the changing of gears happens effortlessly, in tune with your changing terrain.  Until the small mountain of topsoil seems to melt before your eyes, shrinking down to a mere molehill.

At least this has been our experience.

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