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It’s a good lineup this year.

It’s a good lineup this year.
July 29, 2013 Mary Jo


Today –being the Monday before the Sugar Maple Music Fest — is traditionally the day when I lament the fact that I can’t/won’t be making family outfits to mark our attendance.  But we all know what crack-smoking talk* that is by now, right? We all fully understand that the handmade attire is compulsory for my family’s attendance, in accordance with a very strict set of rules created and enforced by… me.  Last year saw me binding off the needles my own handknit top while on the highway en route to the festival. (it was a particularly exciting year) (2011, 2010) *The phrase “crack-smoking talk” is one that seems endemic to my annual reflections on pre-fest sewing. How interesting.


This year I know better.  For once, I actually saw this coming and am planning to start sewing today.  We’ve got the fabrics all picked out; the patterns will be the well-used favorites.  I feel a little bit like a show-off, so together and with-it.

But first, I must make some order in my studio.


Not such a show-off now, am I?

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