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Turning Inward

Turning Inward
August 5, 2013 Mary Jo


A gentle rain thrums a persistent rhythm atop the porch roof.  I’m taking to my bed this day, in an effort to quiet the havoc a mid-summer cold virus is wreaking on my upper respiratory system.  All business shall be conducted from these cushioned headquarters, with perhaps the exception of moving the sheep to fresh pasture.  I’ve secured permission to graze them beyond the boundaries of our own property, for which I am very grateful, but the inevitable result of this makes them a far less prominent fixture of our own acres.  Like this same time last year, when they grazed friends’ property, I miss them. They are woolen clouds dotting the green horizon intermittently, often obscured by the distance and pasture in between.

It is a good time to take to the bed in a mindful way.  I find that I need to do this occasionally, to halt the relentless pull of what needs to be done, to step back from it all to get a fresh perspective.  Tomorrow brings us to a new moon,  an auspicious time for laying down plans, giving voice to new intentions.


And what a fine list of intentions I aim to compile.  Our Fall Down Barn plummets into greater ruin with each passing moon.  What, exactly, to do about it remains an enigma. While our vision is not lacking, the way to achieve it has many blind spots.

The season of Back to School has begun, and as seen through our homeschooling light, brings with it much introspection.  Building off the success of last year will require a new level of organization and some diligent time management.  We’re up to that task, I think now, and the way forward is emerging slowly as we compile our thoughts, needs, and intentions for the coming school year.


I have been visited by a harbinger of transformation and of joy.  I nearly stepped on this magnificent swallowtail butterfly as I returned to the house from photographing the Fall Down Barn.  What a profound sense of awe I shared with Isadora, as we each held her in our hands.  We spied a missing portion of wing that likely prompted the stopover but were relieved to see her flutter back into the world after an hour’s rest.



The startling appearance of such a creature should not be taken lightly, I believe, and so I shall spend some time today considering her message.  What a gift.

May your Monday also be restorative and full of promise.


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