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Respectfully submitted.

Respectfully submitted.
August 12, 2013 Mary Jo




Consider this my report on the sewing portion of the Sugar Maple music festival.  I apologize for its tardiness.  Only two items were started and finished before I ran out of steam. (because, let’s face it – the sewing certainly did not start when I said it would)

For Mr. Halloween, a lovely mix of bats and cats.  The 4-yr-old aficionado of all things spooky handpicked the fabrics and even went so far as to specify where he wanted them distributed.  I think this may be the first time he became aware of the utility of a pocket; much time was spent trying it out with his hands and various other things needing to be contained, like bing cherries, whose presence left a mark untouched by rigorous washing. That he wore the shirt for three days straight before I was able to send it to the wash shall be a review of the highest mark.  The pattern is a favorite Oliver + S – The Sketchbook Shirt.

For the Girl, a lovely linen number also using an Oliver + S pattern – the Picnic Blouse.  I was excited to make the ubiquitous shorts from the same pattern, but time and energy did not permit it.

I’m not sure why these photo representations are so abysmally out of focus.  Hmm.


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