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The ocean still clings to my hair.

The ocean still clings to my hair.
September 20, 2013 Mary Jo




How does one re-enter the world after a glorious respite in an alternate universe?  How does one descend from this cloud without landing on her head or falling on her ass? Very delicately, I’d imagine, and slowly.

Slowly, then, I am unwinding the cocoon that has enveloped me so deliciously these last nine days.

It began as a retreat to the tucked-away Squam lake for the Taproot Gathering.  If I say nothing more than “I was greeted with my very own jelly jar drinking vessel and birch-bark-ringed linen napkin upon arrival,” I think you’d get a fair sense of just how euphoric the whole Squam experience was for me.  But of course I’ll say so much more than that.  Later.


Did you know that my departure from Squam became the start for a different vacation entirely?  I passed through four states last Sunday before settling with my mom and sister in lovely Savannah.



The Savannah portion of the trip was to be pure icing on the cake; all of my preparations had been for Squam and more specifically, the Art Fair on Saturday night.  (which I rocked, by the way)  I had no expectations for the city; I was along for the ride and open to exploring her nooks and crannies.  Savannah is a kindred sister to Madison, I’d venture.  A lovely, graceful sister, heavy in history, design, good food, and a perfectly swimmable ocean nearby.  There is a faint perimeter of white sand ringing my still-unpacked suitcase and my hair is thick with salt and sea.  More on that later, of course.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the official interweb release of This is Wool. + From Drought, the delicious new yarn I’ve been working on – as soon as my luggage arrives with the remains from the Art Fair, I shall post them on a page of their very own.  And there’s a video in the works to tell the story of the harvest.

But for now, I’m going to focus all of my attention on landing gracefully back into Five Green Acres.  I want my actual landing last night, touching down in the midst of a thunderstorm, to not be a metaphor for the more subtle reentry I’m attempting.

+++ And now, the devastating turn of events that nearly ruined my whole vacation…

IMG_9139The middle sign, photographed in haste while being shuffled through the security line at La Guardia, broke the news of the Travel Advisory banning snow globes entirely from carry on luggage. It’s such a shame that you can’t really read it. Didn’t I feel like a moron for filling my bag full of them instead of toiletries!  Hee hee.


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