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Bringing in the Honey

Bringing in the Honey
September 30, 2013 Mary Jo







My feet had scarcely touched down from all of my travels when our attention was summoned to the beehive.  It was time to bring in the honey.  The chimney was swept, a hearty fire lit to heat the kitchen to a more flow-conducive temperature, and the beekeeper set off to collect a year’s rent from his honeybee tenants.


We discovered a honey badger among us.  That boy may have eaten his weight in honey that afternoon.  Wowee.


I learned how to separate the cappings into layers of wax, miscellaneous bee junk, and honey, not wanting to waste a drop of the bee’s intensive labor.  The amount of wax I gleaned is modest, but will help fuel our upcoming Solstice festivities.


I neglected to share with you the first honey-gleaning event we had early this year.  This guy was there and I thought it imperative to document his contributions.


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