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Meet Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate

Meet Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate
November 6, 2013 Mary Jo


Last weekend saw the performance of our 4-H club’s play “Peggy the Pint-Sized Pirate.”   The single performance, as part of the county-wide Drama Festival, was the culmination of two months of rehearsals and I daresay the pinnacle of Isadora’s budding acting career.  Being both pint-sized and of fierce determination, she snagged the lead role of Peggy.



We filled the theater with friends and family to watch as Isadora took the stage.  She killed it.  Her lines were delivered flawlessly and most of the 8-yr-old fidgeting and distractedness was safely contained within as she moved from scene to scene.  It was amazing.




Not to be left out, Errol made his stage debut in a role we liked to call King Oyster.  His crowning moment was upon delivering a pearl before the feet of Peggy, and he too rocked it.




All this and they won the trophy for best play.  Isadora herself snagged an award as Best Narrator.  What a morning it was.

Ah, 4-H.  I have so much to say about 4-H and the tremendous experiences it can provide to young people.  It shall be a post for another day.


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