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The Man Hat

The Man Hat
January 15, 2014 Mary Jo


First off the needles from my own stash of From Drought is a basic hat for Captain Daddio.



I always forget how quickly a hat can knit up – so fast that one can knit it up, block it, find it’s 17 sizes too big, hide it before the Mister comes home, frog it, and reknit it in a handful of hours.  In terms of knitting time, it’s but a blink of the eye.  Or so it seems on the heels of knitting up a few long sleeve sweaters.


I’m so pleased with how From Drought knit up.  It’s such a dense yarn and it makes a sturdy, springy, gust-fighting fabric.  Still, once our temps fell through the bottom, this Man Hat was set aside for a double-layered alternative from the store, (she said with much disdain) so I got to thinking about double layers myself.  Our good friend Elizabeth Zimmermann tucked one such hat into one of her books that I happen to already have on my shelf.  Fantastic!


The hat is called BRRH! (Basic Reversible Ribbed Hat).  I didn’t do a gauge swatch, which led to the inevitable far-too-big hat that needed to be frogged and redone.  No sweat though – modifications were made and are noted in my Ravelry project page.


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