Five Green Acres Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt Poynette, WI
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We’re back with an all-new cast this season.

We’re back with an all-new cast this season.
March 27, 2014 Mary Jo




Meet Sir Cleges.  A guy this handsome (and pompous) can only hail from the stuff of legend.  Indeed he does.  The audiobook version as told by Odds Bodkin has become a Christmas Day staple for us as we make the drive to celebrate with family every year.  This Blue Self tom turkey formerly held the role of Arthur when I visited him at his prior farm stage, a name that seemed regal enough but perhaps not quite fertile enough.  I thought it bad chi to name him (and rename his wife, the already present Blue Slate hen) after a childless couple who philandered a bit.  Because I want the pair to be prolific as hell.  My incubator stands ready and as soon as Clarys! (whose name should always be spoken as an exclamation: see audiobook) breaks her broody spell and consummates the marriage to Sir Cleges, we shall start collecting her eggs with glee.  I have The Girl on Breeding High Alert.  So far no one has witnessed the magical union which shall produce a farm full of pearly-grey poultry.  (Biology 101 in our Homeschooling Curriculum)


Here the lovely Clarys! sits, so eager to be a mother that she’s forgotten entirely how to lay eggs.





Breaking our short stint of pig-less-ness is this guy – Aaron Neville.  His job is to relax and grow big and delicious, as well as to keep the new reigning queen of the Acres happy:


Aunt Rhody.  As in “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.” It’s one the keystone songs played by our family band, but this girl might play it better than I do. My second favorite version (after our own) is this by the late Pete Seeger.  That guy could sing a McDonald’s commercial and I’d love it.



Like Sir Cleges and Clarys!, Aunt Rhody’s job is to be fruitful and multiply.  We’re hoping to find her a mail-order husband, however, and build her a family while adhering to our strict “No Boar” rule.  In a few months we’ll start screening applicants.

I’m also awaiting the mysterious arrival of a new Box of Chicks, which will ship only when they’re good and ready.  It’s an ever-evolving cast around here but I daresay it’s looking to be a great season.



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