Five Green Acres Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt Poynette, WI
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Understudies to the Cast

Understudies to the Cast
April 2, 2014 Mary Jo


Waiting in the wings for his big break onto the Five Green Acres stage is Jeremy Fisher.



Jeremy started his career as an actual bullfrog before attaining his degree in Immortality from the University of Taxidermy.  He boasts a breathtaking carrying capacity, which Captain Daddio has assigned to spare Poker change.  (The Captain is a high roller in his Poker circle) And boy, can he jump.



Another recent graduate from the University of Taxidermy is Jemima Puddleduck.  We found her in a charming eclectic shop in Galena bearing a tag that assured us her death was natural and her use as a taxidermy specimen was for educational purposes.  i.e. she wasn’t murdered to adorn a coffee table but…salvaged.  Charming.  We found Jeremy Fisher in the very same room of this eclectic shop but he bore no pretense of his intent.


Ms. Puddleduck’s job on the Acres is to….well look at her.  She will just be.  Anywhere at all, she will be. awesome.


Can you believe that I blathered on and on about what we scored in Galena a few weeks ago and somehow failed to mention these two – arguably the gems of the whole shootin’ match? Me neither.  These typing fingers are getting rusty and out of touch with what’s important.


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