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Small things in boxes on my kitchen counter

Small things in boxes on my kitchen counter
April 9, 2014 Mary Jo


It matters not what the calendar says.  Spring had not officially arrived to Five Green Acres until it was borne on the wings of 4 lbs of bees and a parcel of day old chicks.  It is here now, and in full force.


The bees have been called in to take over for those before them who fought the good fight (and lost) against the brutal winter.  It may or may not surprise you to learn that honeybees are not native to North America, much less Wisconsin, and as such bear no genetic advantage for surviving an average winter, much less one which kicked all of our asses like this one we are slamming the door on.


Yesterday also brought that phone call which inevitably and immediately halts whatever task was in progress to make a run for the post office.  Our chicks had arrived.  We didn’t expect them till today, but a call from the post office hub not too far away saved them from an extra overnight in a mail truck.



Perhaps the most significant arrival of all, however, was the arrival of FiveGreenAcres to Instagram.  We’ve only just recently upgraded our pathetic phones to ones with mind-blowing power and intelligence. So: Instagram.  I’ve arrived.  I can’t wait to meet you there!  Now that I have this phone in my pocket, I feel drunk with power.

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