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Sewn: Lady Grey Jacket by Colette Patterns

Sewn: Lady Grey Jacket by Colette Patterns
April 16, 2014 Mary Jo



(Lady Grey by Colette Patterns)

Hot off the sewing machine is this lovely velveteen jacket in a color I shall call Electrified Red-Pink.  It’s not for the faint-of-heart, but when paired with this lining of deep plum, I think it’s dynamite.


Right?  I wish I could wear it inside out.  It reminds me of an art concept that I first learned of in college, a tradition of creating very precious objects or designs and keeping them hidden –sealed inside a locked box, behind a wall, wherever.  It blew my mind, this idea, because isn’t the point of making lovely or profound things to have them seen?  Not always.  Sometimes the power is in just knowing the precious is there, in imagining what it might look like.

Well.  This is just a loud velveteen jacket with a lining that makes me want to sing.


It’s not the first Colette pattern I’ve sewn, and it shan’t be the last.  The pattern instructions, like the Negroni that I’ve made a few time for the Mister, are concise and easy to follow.  The fact that it has taken me several years from cut out to finish is my fault, not hers.


* The fantastic yarn pyramid print visible in some of the photos is new to my wall, from Fringe.

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