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Five Things: Finished Objects

Five Things: Finished Objects
April 28, 2014 Mary Jo


Welcome to Five Things (I’ve Neglected to Mention).  It’s a short run of a series I conceived of in a desperate attempt to get back into the blogging habit.  It’s been a bit sparse here of late, and not because there wasn’t plenty to write about.  So while the keyboard was mostly silent, the needle and thread were not, nor the knitting needles, the sewing machine, the stock pot.  And if I don’t clear out some of this backlogged news, I might burst.  So here we begin, a modest exercise in bleeding out the built-up pressure of not-sharing.

Five Things focuses this week on Finished Objects.




The Epic Winter embroidered quilt.  King size.  Antique homespun French Linen embroidered with Turkey Red linen thread.  Stuffed with a cloud of wool batting I had milled from a nearby flock of Romney sheep.


I kicked in my heels at the close of this winter and finally wrapped up this work in progress begun more than a year ago.  A king size quilt offers a lot of square footage to a needle and thread, but the act of the embroidery was a soothing balm for me, the gentle repetition was welcomed.  I soaked in the audiobook Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford as I finished up the last big stretch of stitching and find now that bits of the story come flooding back to me as I pull the quilt up over me.  Do you find that with your own projects–that they become a time capsule of whatever you were doing/watching/listening to while you poured yourself into the making of these things?  It’s a lovely by-product of the act of making, except maybe for the bundle of yarn I spun while feverishly watching Breaking Bad.  If the recipients of those skeins find themselves unexpectedly desiring meth…I must absolve myself of any responsibility.


Little over a year ago I wrote quite a lot about the sourcing of this linen and the serendipitous nature of the monograms as a guest on WhipUp, before the tragic conclusion of Kathreen’s story.  You can find that post titled Shelter here.  (The rest of the series can be found here: Functional Creativity Intro, Clothe, Build the Hearth, Feed.)


The delicious heaviness of the wool-swathed-in-linen is the perfect antidote to this transitional weather and has replaced the now-too-warm down comforter.  I’m expecting the quilt to remain on our bed throughout the summer, and will be holding the wool accountable for its reputation of breathability and not overheating. We shall see how theory meets practice.

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