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Yep. I made underwear.

Yep. I made underwear.
September 11, 2014 Mary Jo


There are some things not worth sewing yourself.  I used to put underwear in that camp:  pretty cheap, a rather unsung sort of garment.  Not the sort of thing one can brag about in that “look what I just made” sort of way.  But. Enter into the picture one boy so appreciative of anything sewn and a desperate need for underwear and an aversion to shopping? You logically end up with a collection of what must be the coolest little boxer briefs this guy has ever seen.  As it turns out, those things not worth making yourself vary from person to person.



The whole project was prompted by a pile of Gap boy boxers that proved too cumbersome for Mr. Errol to tuck in properly after dropping his trousers.  There is absolutely no room on the Acres for the visible underwear fad to take root, so I took great pleasure in robbing the elastic waistband from the offending boxers and employing them here. The Itty Bitty Boxer Briefs pattern by Sew a Straight Line served as a great jumping-off point; I modified the pattern a bit to my liking.  I also used a Jersey or Ballpoint needle in my sewing machine and a stretch stitch:  set your zigzag to width of .5(ish) and length of 3 and then your stitching won’t automatically be pulled out the first time your little guy pulls them on.


For the fantastic codpieces, (hee) I scavenged shirts directly off the too-small pile and paired them with other knits in my fabric stash.  Hot diggity.


These might be among the best things I’ve ever made that you’ll never see.  Best as in Thrifty! and Great! and A T-Rex? Awesome! but not necessarily as in Best Craftsmanship! and Great Job Sewing a Straight Line! because they are just underwear and we needed them in a mad hurry.  Even so, my compensation for making them continues to reap dividends every time Errol gets dressed.  That guy gets so excited about his clothes, making it such a gratifying experience for me that I’ll sew him whatever the hell he wants, anytime.  Bam.

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