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Usher in the Cormo Fleeces!

Usher in the Cormo Fleeces!
September 12, 2014 Mary Jo




Sweet Billy’s Purebred Cormo fleece is up for grabs now, as are those of his kin:  half Cormo, half Rambouillet lambswool fleeces, covered to limit exposure to vegetative matter, awaiting your deft spinning hands in all their raw glory. Find them through the top menu bar, via This is Wool. and then The Fleecing of Sweet Billy.  You’ll find the new page option: Raw Fleeces 2014 Edition.  Best not to delay – they’re selling like hotcakes.


Remember this sweet lamb, born with the dark spot?  His fleece is among those listed.  I had forgotten all about that spot after putting the coats on everyone last fall.  Imagine my delight when skirting the newly-shorn fleeces and finding this lovely patch of natural colored wool in Spotty’s fleece!



The fleeces are very heavily skirted and ready for your gentle hands to transform them into something lovely and soft.  Be ready for this fiber to bloom after spinning – it had tremendous loft and what Beth Smith calls “magical elasticity.”





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