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Big Momma

Big Momma
September 17, 2014 Mary Jo




Oh, the glow of pregnancy is illuminating all five our our glorious acres these days!  Rosasharn is a majestic Momma-to-be, with an impressive roundness we’ve never before witnessed.  Given that we’re accustomed to the size of things measured at Sheep Scale, the sheer jump in scale to Cow is impressive in its own right.  Wowee.  She reminds me of other gravity-defying moves I’ve awed at.



The calf, which we know to be a bull, is due any day now.  As his Daddy serviced Rosasharn at his leisure, the date is slightly less specific than if the servicing was accomplished via a plastic tube and friendly Inseminator.  So.  We wait.  And watch eagerly for signs of labor.  This morning I observed her doing some quiet breathing work and I murmured encouragement in her ear, wondering if it was Go Time.  She’s back to sniffing out the clover that dots the pasture now, getting respite for the time being.  I am feverishly re-reading the applicable chapters of the classic go-to reference for such things – Joann Grohman’s Keeping a Family Cow. I suspect my pages will get soiled and worn before this calving is through.


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