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Pretty Boy Floyd has been added to the cast.

Pretty Boy Floyd has been added to the cast.
September 29, 2014 Mary Jo






Yesterday was a glorious day to be born.  The sun and wind were amicable, the trees in their full autumn splendor.  Errol and I played witness to the awe of birth as Rosasharn easily welcomed her bull calf into the world.  We’ve been waiting for him.  Pretty Boy Floyd.  It’s a name we’ve had stashed away for a while, in a growing collection of Grapes of Wrath references that we’re curating.  As a Dust Bowl-era bank robber from Oklahoma, he was eulogized in the ballad bearing his name by Woody Guthrie.

Despite his life of crime, Floyd was viewed positively by the general public. When he robbed banks he would destroy mortgage documents, which freed many citizens of their debts. He was protected by citizens of Oklahoma, who referred to him as “Robin Hood of the Cookson Hills”. (

A Robin-Hood-esque outlaw sounded like a good namesake for the offspring of Rosasharn.






We’ve waited a long time for you, Pretty Boy Floyd.

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