Five Green Acres Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt Poynette, WI
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Retool: Meet the Cast

Farmer Florists Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt

Photo by Julie Garrett

We create our own reality here on the Acres.

We are the Mary Jo & Andrew Borchardt family.  Welcome to Five Green Acres.  This is our modest family homestead nestled in the glacial foothills of Poynette, WI.  The city of Madison that we love and still consider ours can see us from her back door.

We eat like kings.

Led here by our ravenous hunger, we raise our own eggs and milk and meat – lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, and duck – and offer the surplus to our local community.  Sweetness comes from own honey and maple syrup, and we’ve embraced lard with open arms.  We care deeply about our food, having scratched most of it behind the ears, or coaxed it out of a rich bed of loam.

We cultivate beauty.

We are consummate makers.  We have a need to make things – beautiful, functional things – that is only slightly less urgent than the need to breathe.

We clothe ourselves in the luxurious wool provided by our carefully curated fiber sheep – each harvest offers a limited-edition yarn we sell under the auspices of This is Wool.

In 2016, we welcomed an abundance of cut flowers to the Acres, those ephemeral beauties that remind us to revel in the now and celebrate.  Our farm to table flowers have graced many a wedding celebration and have joined countless families at their dinner tables, setting the scene for beauty and feeding the soul.

We have a wicked sense of humor.

Lest we get carried away by all of the birth and death and farming and making and eating that such a life excels in, we are anchored by a hearty sense of mischief.  We revel in nonsense and oh, do we laugh.  Mostly at ourselves.

We are honored and humbled to call this life ours.

We wish to share this delicious beauty with you.

+ You can find us offering our cut flower bouquets at Madison’s Eastside Farmer’s Market.

+ Information about our wedding and event floral styling services is forthcoming, but the questionaire is a good place to start if you’d like to explore local and elegant flowers for your wedding or event.

+ This is Wool. ( INDIGO, Murmur ) and our knitting and crochet patterns can be found on this website.

+ We’re most active on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest these days; bits and bobs of what we’re up to will be most current there.  Our blog archive has years of delightful ramblings that taper off in 2014.  Perhaps we’ll try something new and offer a new post periodically.

+ Want to be notified when we have Pastured Meat for sale? Sign up here.

Welcome, friends!


Mary Jo, Andrew, and family

The story of how it all began is right HERE.

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