Five Green Acres Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt Poynette, WI
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We are your Flower Farmers

We are Mary Jo + Andrew Borchardt.  Welcome to Five Green Acres.

This is our modest flower farm nestled in the glacial foothills of Poynette, WI.  The city of Madison that we love and still consider ours can see us from her back door.

Do you love flowers?


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Photo by Leah Kornish

So do we.

We live and breathe design.

We built this flower farm to satisfy our hunger for exquisite, luminous flowers.

Flowers that dance.  Textures that make your guests gasp with delight!  Colors and scent – oh the scent! Every seed that we plant is done with design in mind.

Our favorite design style is wildly elegant and bursting with texture.

Our flowers will make you glow.  (What’s better than that?)

Our experience in both design and growing flowers means that you can trust us to handle your event like a boss. A wise, sharp, and kind boss.

Work with us.


We want to be your trusted Florist.

What stress can we take off your shoulders? design ideas aligning your wedding with your values help choosing a palette maximizing your budget flower confidence sourcing high quality flowers

Reach out to schedule a chat.

Help is on the way!

Let's begin your flower story.


Five Green Acres was founded in 2008 with a clutch of chickens and a dream.

Over the years, the homestead grew to include a fiber flock of sheep, heritage pastured pigs, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and a family Jersey cow.

Photo by Nikki Borchardt Photography

In 2016, we reimagined Five Green Acres as a specialty cut flower farm.

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      Let's begin your flower story.

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